Cliffworks Policy / Jobs

Cliffworks candidate ownership policy When Cliffworks submits candidates to Client, Client will recognize Cliffworks has sole 'ownership' of those candidates for a period of 18 months from the first date of submission.  Client agrees not to contact those candidates directly or via other recruiters or permit other recruiters to submit their resumes.  Client agrees to not meet or interview those candidates without Cliffworks prior written approval.

Actively recruiting for consulting, financials, vendors, insurance & technology firms. 

Ongoing positions include - 

Project Managers, bilingual general IT infra, telephony and website projects, VoIP / call center experience, mid-career level. 

HR Directors and HR mid-career managers.

Experienced bilingual Japanese consultants, HR / Gen affairs managers, Java coders (bilingual speka read write foreigners ok), BA's, PM's, Sales, Pre-Sales Engineers...ages desired 25-42.

IT Security
Sales Execs, Inside Sales Reps, Marketing Assistants. Bilingual, native level Japanese, 34 or younger, grads of good 4 year univ w/ smarts and good attitude.


2000 ~ 現在
下記職種の採用 - 日本人のバイリンガル(J/E)採用となります。
マネジメントコンサルタント、M&A アドバイザー、人事および総務部長、カントリーマネージャー、ディストリビューター、プログラマー、 ビジネスアナリスト、プロジェクトマネージャー、セールス、プリセールス、IT コンサルタント
Many more roles - contact for details.
Notes:  Applicants must be in Japan with valid work visas.  

Clients seek experienced bilingual Japanese ages 25 - 40, 

Occasionally a fully bilingual experienceed foreigner is acceptable.  

Please send resumes in Word format.  

Fulltime and contracted positions. 

Contact us for JD's.