- Executive search, market entry consultant.

- Sales representative.

Int’l recording artist managment, performer.

- Volunteer teacher, concert performer SE Asia.

- Anti-piracy, copyright theft enforcement with authorities Asiawide.



Recruitment Consultant

Hot Jobs: SCM director, management consultants, equity analysts, voice & data network engineers, tech PM's.

Our success rate arranging interviews with Sr. Executives is 100%!

- The only recruiter in Japan to serve in Vietnam - awarded by US Army Chief of Staff.

- One of top recruitment consultants in Tokyo since 1990.

- Clients are multinational and Japanese firms.

- License  13-ユ-305017   有料職業紹介認可番号

- Current Jobs

- About.  How to submit your resume

- References English and Japanese / 推薦状 (日本語)

- Cliffworks complies with Japan's protection of personal information privacy law.


Japan / Asia Sales Rep & Business Development



Music Business

Rep., tour support, performer with Int'l recording artists including:

Ambrosia, The Association, Stevie Wonder, Kansas, Toto, Alan Parsons, John Entwistle, Todd Rundgren, Don Henley, Darryl Jones - Rolling Stones, Keith Emerson, Jon Herington, Drew Zingg - Steely Dan - Boz Scaggs, Delmar Brown, Kenwood Dennard - Miles, Sting, Jaco Pastoruis, Talking Heads, Weather Report, Hall & Oates,  Hiram Bullock, David Williams - Michael Jackson, Wayne Johnson - Manhattan Transfer, Larson-Feiten Band, David Spinozza - Paul McCartney, John Lee Hooker, Robert Cray, Deacon Jones - Freddie King, Thai superstar singer Jintara Punlab, many UDO Music artists, Bluenote Jazz & Blues artists and in 2012 guest soloist with the #1 Thai group Carabao.


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